Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Komen punyer TAG...

adei la Intan, dalam banyak2 tag..yg ni yg no komen punyer Tag nih..apa aku nak jawab ehh?


1. hi, how are ya?
2. hey! you wanna go to mall?
3. i love you..
4. do you want some cookies??
5. can you take me a picture?
6. help me in my homework!
7. here's my gift to you..
8. let's just be textmates
9. do you want me to buy you an ipod??
10. let's sit together in the bus
11. hi baby..
12. you still cute..
13. i still love you..
14. can i visit your house??
15. do you love me??

My answer for all these Questions is simple...

HAHAHAHA..Intan..kira boleh la tuh..menjawab dah kan soalan2 kau tu..?

Follow this instruction:

1. named 5 candidates on your list
2. ask them to complete this tag
3. repost on their blog
4. write the title "what if your ex said this to you"

To tag:

  1. Yan
  2. Angriani
  3. katak_ayu
  4. Jo
  5. mommy lilly
Nak tgk mcmana lak korang handle "KES' ni..hahahaha....

1 comment:

reena said...

alahai...yang...sng btol jwpn dia nih....ekekkeke